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  • Pho-get About It, Try Bún Bò Huế Instead

    Pho-get About It, Try Bún Bò Huế Instead

    First off, I would like to apologize for the awful pun in the title.  I was driving home from the supermarket and this is the only title that came to mind. Second, let’s talk about noodle soup.  Vietnamese noodle soup to be exact.  Immediately, pho is what comes to mind.  Whether it be zero degrees or a hundred degrees outside, a hot and steamy bowl of pho always manages to hit the spot.  But what if I told you there’s another type of Vietnamese noodle [...]

  • Garlic – 1, Knife – 0

    Garlic – 1, Knife – 0

    We’ve all done it when it comes to preparing garlic for a meal.  The famous chef’s knife garlic smash.  Chefs on television do it all the time, so it must be correct, right?  I was on Reddit last night and a post caught my attention.  A Redditor by the name of PepperCookie posted a picture of a broken knife blade cause by an attempt to smash garlic.  The garlic won that round. As you can see, it’s a perfect example of how not to treat [...]

  • Delicious Markham Memories

    Delicious Markham Memories

    Over the July 4th weekend, I was doing my patriotic duty as an American by crossing the border to Canada to visit family.  When it comes to visiting family in Canada, one thing is for sure, be prepared to eat. My family lives in Markham, a city located not too far from Toronto with a heavy Chinese population.  Chinese restaurants and Asian strip malls are everywhere, which means, there is good food everywhere.  This isn’t the run of the mill Chinese food I am accustomed [...]

  • When One Knife Grip Style Just Doesn’t Cut It

    When One Knife Grip Style Just Doesn’t Cut It

    I purchased a Moritaka AS Gyuto not long ago after hearing about it on knife forums.  It’s a great looking knife and it definitely holds the title of sharpest blade in my knife collection.  However, I ended up not using it much because every time I used it, I felt pain in my fingers.  I thought, this knife is supposed to be very comfortable to hold, yet I couldn’t even slice a large piece of chicken breast without feeling pain.  Surely, something was wrong.  I [...]

  • Rice Cooker Pancakes, So Hot Right Now

    Rice Cooker Pancakes, So Hot Right Now

    Last week, a particular post about using a rice cooker to cook a giant pancake took the food world by storm. Of course it caught my interest as I love pancakes and thought it would be fun to experiment with. At what point is a pancake no longer a pancake, but is just a cake? The instructions were relatively simple, pour pancake batter into a Japanese rice cooker, and cook for about 45 minutes.  Easy enough I thought, I do have a Japanese rice cooker [...]

  • It’s Fish Grilling Time!

    It’s Fish Grilling Time!

    My buddies and I went on a fishing trip out to Lake Michigan at the break of dawn last weekend   We didn’t hit our limits, but the harvest was very good none the less.  Among the catches were coho salmon, king salmon, brown trout, and rainbow trout.  With an inventory full of fish, we decided to schedule a fish grill and invite a bunch of friends for the next weekend.  There was no way we could eat all the fish ourselves and we didn’t want [...]