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  • Don’t Call Me A Foodie

    Don’t Call Me A Foodie

    When someone calls me a foodie, I take offense.  My face may not show it, but deep inside I’m suppressing the urge to tell the person that I’m not a foodie, not even close. Yet, here I am, with my own blog about food and cooking.  Surely, only a foodie would do something like have his own food blog.  Well, I don’t consider myself a foodie, because I’m not. My definition of a foodie is someone who has deep knowledge of the food scene and [...]

  • The Architec Gripperwood Gourmet Cutting Board

    The Architec Gripperwood Gourmet Cutting Board

    As much as I love my maple-wood cutting board, it’s a bit too cumbersome to use in my kitchen.  I definitely overestimated its size and weight for home use.  It doesn’t fit in the sink for easy washing and is one hefty beast.  It led me back down the road in search of another cutting board, but I didn’t’ feel like spending too much on one.  I had the following criteria in mind: Wooden and not made of bamboo Under $30 Not ugly I shopped [...]

  • Boiling Up A Batch Of Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea

    Boiling Up A Batch Of Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea

    Last weekend, my friends and I stopped into a Chinese herb and tea shop after dim sum in Chinatown.  How do you know you’re in a Chinese herb and tea shop? It’ll hit your nose dead center when you walk inside.  Trust me, you’ll know.  Two of my friends purchased packs of Wong Lo Kat brand herbal tea.  I picked up a bag and with my very limited Chinese character reading skills, translated the two largest characters to “cool tea.”  It was just labeled as [...]

  • It’s Just For The Look, I Don’t Knife It

    It’s Just For The Look, I Don’t Knife It

    I saw a colorful Gela Ten Piece knife set online on sale for a little over twenty dollars.  Now, with the amount of knives I already own, you’d think I’m crazy for buying even more.  However, the first thing I thought when I saw them was,”Wow, these would look great as kitchen decorations!”  And they sure do.  I wasn’t too sure on what to use to secure the knives to the wall, but the Scotch brand removable adhesive putty seemed to do the trick. Amazon has [...]

  • Unwrapping A Delicious Present

    Unwrapping A Delicious Present

    Last week I was at my friends engagement party.  There was plenty of food, but there was one item in particular that I could not stop eating.  To me, it reminded me of zongzi, a popular  Chinese food that consists of glutinous rice filled with meat, and wrapped in a bamboo leaf.  Of course, this definitely was not zongzi as most of the food at the party was heavily Puerto Rican.  The mysterious packs off food were wrapped in parchment paper and a banana leaf, [...]