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  • The Binford “6100″ Man’s Kitchen

    The Binford “6100″ Man’s Kitchen

    During my walk to the office today, I randomly thought about the Man’s Kitchen that was featured on the TV show Home Improvement.  Ah, Tim “The Tool Man Taylor” and his loyal sidekick Al sure brings back memories.  I remember watching this episode as a kid and being amazed by it.  I found the clip online and I found myself laughing at it way much more than I should have due to all the food references.  This scene is a classic.

  • Root For Watermelon Radish

    Root For Watermelon Radish

    When I was in Santa Monica last month, I had lunch at the Misfit.  I ordered the Crunchy Chicken Sandwich and it was served with a side of vegetable that I had never seen before.  When I first bit into it, it had a very nice crunch and pleasant flavor.  I knew it was some sort of root vegetable, but I didn’t want to ask the waitress and risk looking like an idiot.  I envisioned her saying something like, “What! You don’t know what kind [...]

  • The Moritaka AS Gyuto

    The Moritaka AS Gyuto

    I got my hands on a Moritaka AS 210mm Gyuto not long ago.  I was in market for an eight-inch Japanese chef’s knife and decided to splurge a bit.  I scoured the knife forums for recommendations and a number of knives made it to the top of my potential buy list.  Moritaka knives were mentioned quite often so it immediately piqued my curiosity.  To be honest, the reviews for the knife were mixed.  Many people were praising the sharpness and craftsmanship of the blade, while [...]

  • My First Experience With Baijiu

    My First Experience With Baijiu

    It was my last night in LA and my friends wanted to have some drinks before we left.  Just as my friend went to grab a few beers from the refrigerator, he remembered that he had something else stored in one of the top cupboards. He took out a fancy looking box, placed it on the counter, and removed the small fasteners that held  hexagonal cover secured it to the base. Inside was a bottle of Shui Jin Fang Baijiu.  He bought it in Shanghai [...]

  • In Need of A Warm Up. A Weekend Trip to Santa Monica and LA – Part 2

    In Need of A Warm Up.  A Weekend Trip to Santa Monica and LA – Part 2

    We woke up in a fog, clearly due to the meat sweats from the night before, but we were ready to eat. I told my friend I wanted to a Cali-style breakfast.  He knew just the place.  We headed to Huckleberry in Santa Monica.  The menu had a lot of items I wanted to try, and the pastry selection was amazing to say the least. I saw the cooks in the back frying donuts.  They looked so delicious, I had to order one. I miss [...]

  • In Need of A Warm Up. A Weekend Trip to Santa Monica and LA – Part 1

    In Need of A Warm Up.  A Weekend Trip to Santa Monica and LA – Part 1

    The winter in the Midwest has been unseasonably cold. Enough I say!  I needed some warmth, and not the type provided by a puffy winter jacket and a layer of thermals.  My fiance and I took a weekend trip to Santa Monica and Los Angeles.  l last visited in 2012 and wanted to make sure not visit the same places as before.  I was also ready to eat. My fiance and I finally arrived at LAX after our flight was delayed a couple of times.  [...]