Macku Sushi Review

Macku Sushi

Good Japanese is hard to find, and great Japanese is even harder to find.  On rare occasions, one happens to come across a gem amongst lackluster pickings.  My sushi and sashimi experience at Macku didn’t  just focus on taste, but also the eye candy that accompanied each plate.  The establishment’s signature sashimi selections are worth the visit alone, but there are other choices on the menu that stand out as well.

The fish is fresh, no doubt about that, and the signature dishes and daily specials can be pretty spectacular. Just check out the Flying Fish special that was being served up.

Those who are used to ordering sushi combos will have to give way to per piece a la carte pricing.  My recommendation is try a bit of everything and don’t just focus on the nigiri.  At the very least, start with an appetizer, a few signature dishes, and end with a dessert.

The food was great and the overall dining experience was great, with one caveat…I left still wanting more, and I was no where close to being satiated.    Reservations are strongly recommended.

Macku Sushi
2239 N. Clybourn Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

Food (out of 5) 

Ambiance (out of 5) 

Service (out of 5)

Price: $$$ (out of 4)


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