Maybe I Don’t Need So Many Knives After All

Sure, having a set of high-quality knives showcasing on the kitchen counter top looks great, but how many knives actually get used?  After purchasing a Ken Onion Shun 9 piece set late last year, I was sure I was going to put some mileage on the knives.  Six months later, most of the knives are more fit for display than use.  So in hindsight…maybe that impulse purchase was a really bad idea.  Of all the knives in the set, I use the 6-inch Chef’s Knife probably 95% of the time and it’s the best knife I’ve used to date.  On the other hand, I don’t think the Shun bread knife outperformed any other brands of bread knives I’ve used in the past. I would have been better off just getting the chef’s knife and much cheaper equivalents of the other knives in the set.  I still have yet to use the santoku, carving knife, and boning knife.

For those of us who are no strangers in the kitchen, having a quality kitchen knife is important, but is it worth it to drop a large amount of cash on a knife or knives that only get used every so often?  Before you think about making the purchase, take the time out to assess whether or not all the knives in the set will be used frequently.

Just a thought…

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