The Weekly Food News Roundup


Korean restaurant’s live Octopus dish has animal rights activists squirming – It’s like having a party inside of your mouth.

Tom Colicchio is named 2010 top chef – I knew this guy was good, but to be named top chef? He must be really good!  Might be time to try out this Craft establishments.

These 5 foods aren’t as healthy as you would think – Looks can be deceiving.

White Castle Candles – Not only will your bowels reek of sliders, but so can your house.

$12.00 Cup of Coffee served in NYC – This ain’t surprising, at all.

Vegetable cast from real vegetables – This is actually pretty darn creative.

More Lettuce E.Coli Outbreaks – Here we go again!

Oysters from British Columbia Get A Boost From The Gulf Oil Spill – Where there’s a loser, there’s a winner.

Bacon Flavored Syrup is Here – Now you can make almost anything taste like bacon.  I’m so over this bacon craze.

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