My Delicious Encounter With Ivory Salmon Sushi


I was recently in San Francisco for a short visit  and managed to fit in a rather decent sushi dinner with friends.  We ordered the sushi and sashimi omakase, also known as the chef’s choice.  The selection of the fish was completely up to the chef.

While some of the selections, such as Blue Fin Toro, were familiar to me, there was one that was unfamiliar, but quite enjoyable.    It was the Ivory Salmon nigiri.  To be quite honest, I’m not a fan of salmon and I almost never eat it, but I was excited to try out this ‘new’ cut of fish.  I didn’t have any second thoughts eating the ivory variety because it didn’t remind me of salmon.  The color of the flesh was light pink and didn’t have any resemblance to the type of salmon that most people eat.  The texture was smoother, and the flavor was more mellow.  It even seemed to have that “melts in your mouth” effect.    I’m surprised it took this long to discover this delicious morsel of rawness.  So what is ivory salmon you ask?  Time for some useless information:

Ivory salmon are a white-fleshed King salmon native to certain rivers of southeast Alaska and Canada . Most salmon get their color from carotene in the food they eat while white or Ivory Kings are genetically predisposed with an extra enzyme to process that carotene rather than collect it in their flesh. Ivory salmon is acclaimed for its milder, silkier and more buttery flavor. ~

I’m supposed to head back to San Francisco in a couple of days, and I’m hoping get my hands on more of this stuff.  Chances are, ivory salmon might not make it onto regular menus, so check out the specials that are listed from time to time to see if you’re lucky.

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