The Robot Chef’s Summer Food Festival Survival Guide

It’s the Summer, and chances are, there’s a food festival going on somewhere.  While the thought of stuffing your gullet with a smorgasbord of food is quite delicious, don’t forget to be properly prepared.  Listed below are some tips to make your food festival trip much more enjoyable.

1.  Dress Appropriately for the Weather – Dress appropriately.  It can get uncomfortably hot and it can really affect the overall experience.  Plus, if you’re planning on expanding your waistline a bit, wear something loose fitting.

2.  Check the Weather Before Hand – The last thing you want is to arrive when it’s sunny and then suddenly watch your  food get rained on.  If rain is in the forecast, do the smart thing and bring an umbrella.  No one likes soggy beef!

3.  Stay HydratedHot weather, lots of walking, and hot food will raise your core temperature.  Be sure to drink lots of water to stay properly hydrated.  Let’s try to avoid heat strokes at all costs.

4.  Plan  in Advance – It’s all in the preparation.  Do some research and planning in advance.  It will make your trip much better.  There might be certain vendors that you’re planning on visiting, so knowing where they are in advance will save some time.  See if the festival has a website that lays out the schedule of events and where everything is located.  You might want to note the following:
– Ticket booth locations
– Restroom locations
– Cost of food
– Participating food vendors
– Parking Areas (Some streets might be blocked)
– Bicycle Parking
– First Aid Stations and Exits
– A predetermined assembly point should the group ever get split up

5.  Go Early – The earlier it is, the better chances of waiting less in line.

6.  Forks Not Included, Bring Wet Naps – Let’s face it, the food can be quite messy, especially BBQ ribs.  Keep your fingers squeaky clean with wet naps.  Don’t be expected to be handed utensils every time.

7.  Sharing is Caring, Go with a Group of People – While going to a food festival alone is no faux pas, it’s definitely better to go with a group.  Going with a group allows more food stand coverage, so while you might not get your own personal serving, you will get to sample more variety, and that’s what going to a food festival is all about.

8.  Know the Exits and First Aid Stations – Don’t forget about safety.  Food festivals can be awfully cramped and crowded.  If an emergency happens, know where the exits and first aid stations are.

9.  Bring Cash – Not every place will accept plastic, so be prepared.

10.  Wear Comfortable Shoes – Expect to do some heavy walking,  so wear something that’s easy on the feet.

11.  Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew –  While there’s no crime in overeating, battling a bout of indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, heartburn and diarrhea in public isn’t pretty.  Let’s try not to set off any gas clouds in a crowded area.  It might be wise to bring some of that pink stuff along if you’re known for overeating.

12.  Expect Lines, Be Patient – The bigger the festival, the bigger the lines.  There’s no need to butt in, just be patient, and your turn will come.

13.  Bring Sun Block Lotion – Waiting in line means waiting under the blistering sun, do your skin a favor and protect it.

14.  Bring a Camera – You know you’ll be tempted to post food porn on your favorite social-networking sites.

15.  Get Your Grub On – ‘nuff said

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