My Delicious Encounter w/ Pakistani Food

It was one of those nights where I was set on going out for dinner but didn’t exactly know what to eat.  After crossing out the Chinatown option, one of my friends recommended we grab something Mediterranean or Middle Eastern.  A few moments later, we settled on South Asian cuisine, Pakistani cuisine to be more exact.Khans005
South Asian eats is new to me.  I’ve never had authentic Indian food, let alone Pakistani food.  The only thing I knew about Pakistan was what I heard from the media and it usually wasn’t positive news.  I did a little bit of reading on the country’s cuisine before I left for dinner and learned that the main staples revolved around a diet of bread and meat.  Bread? Meat? Sign me up!

For the most part, I was pretty sure every one in the restaurant was Pakistani (which is a very good sign), except for our table, a small group of Asian guys who seemed to miss a turn on their way to Chinatown.  While my friends were in a heated debate on the differences between roti and paratha breads, I was busy trying to decipher the menu items.Khans004
To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect.  The only thing that was familiar was the naan, other than that, I just knew that some of the food would be spicy and big on spices.  My friends already had their minds set on the Chicken Tikka Masala and the Tandoori Chicken.  As for me, I ordered the Frontier Beef.  We made sure to order a bit of naan, paratha, and rice to compliment all the protein.Khans001 Khans002 Khans003
The food was amazing.  Surely, I have been missing out.  Why didn’t anyone tell me how great the food was?  While the spiciness was more than what I was accustomed to, the ingredients used, especially the variety of spices, were truly a delight on the palette.  I ate to the point of being uncomfortably full.  It was a struggle to put down the food, my stomach was saying no, but my mouth was telling me to keep on going.  It was a great experience and truly a great suggestion for dinner.

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  1. Pakistani food is pretty awesome. there use to be a bunch of places i would go to in the city for lunch when i was working on the triborough bridge. I was lucky enough to have some home cooked pakistani food from a co-worker that i worked with. much less oily and tasty 🙂 you should definitly try some of thier goat dishes…. yummmmm! =P

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