A Sparkling Water Drinking Primer


I’m addicted to sparkling water, so I guess that makes me a sparkling water slut.  It all started after my self-imposed alcohol prohibition, forcing me to find an non-alcoholic alternative when I went out to the bars with friends.  Since I also don’t drink sweet carbonated beverages or juice, the only thing left was carbonated water.  As I consumed more and more, I found myself to be rather particular in how I drank it, almost to the point of being a snob about it.

It’s all about retaining the freshness and the effervescence of the water.  The last sip should be just as enjoyable and refreshing as the first, and I’ve listed some advice on making sure your sparkling water drinking experience is great from the beginning to the end.

1.  Keep it Cold!
After purchasing the water to drink at home, place it in the refrigerator and let it get cold.  I don’t recommend placing ice in a glass of sparking water as the carbonation to water ratio will quickly decrease and “water” down the water.  If drinking from a large bottle with two or more people, place the bottle of water in an ice bucket to keep it cold, the same as keeping white wine chilled.

2.  Preserve the Carbonation!
If you are drinking by yourself, stick to the single serving bottles and cans.  The carbonation escapes rapidly once the container is opened.  Keep the large bottles for parties of 2 or more.  Remember to recap the bottle tightly after pouring the drink.

3.  Don’t Rush!
Sparkling water isn’t made to be consumed rapidly, unless you want a belly full of gas, it’s made to be enjoyed.  With that said, feel free to accent the water with a slice of citrus, with lemon or lime wedges being the most common.

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