Hong Kong Eats Repost, Street Eats

New York City and Lost Angeles are no strangers to street food, and halfway around the world, neither is Hong Kong.  While there isn’t a dirty water dog cart or a food truck lurking around the corner, there are a variety of great street eats throughout HK.

Eat, Shop, Eat
While many locations throughout Hong Kong provide copious amounts of street food, the Mongkok district is a great place to pick some up as there’s lots of opportunities to work up an appetite from all the shopping and walking.  From the curry fish balls to the stinky tofu, there’s bound to be something for everyone.


Cart Noodles, Without the Cart
Back in the 1950s, many immigrants from China roamed the streets and sold noodles with a variety of fixings out of wooden carts.  It wasn’t considered to be hygienic or sanitary and they eventually disappeared.  Even though cart noodles are no longer sold out of carts, the idea of selling noodles with various toppings is still around, only that they are now sold out of stores.  While cart noodles are no longer considered as street food, its concept is survived by its legacy.  I went with my group of friends in Wan Chai, I didn’t get a chance to note down the name or location, but I provided a picture of where we went.


The best thing to do is to mix and match ingredients and broths.  The combination of carbs, protein, and vegetables in a bowl of delicious mixed broth with a choice of noodles is perfect for a quick lunch or snack.

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