Calphalon’s Unison is Slick!

It’s been two weeks since I received the Calphalon Unison 10” Nonstick Omelet Pan and I’ve been putting it through my daily gamut of cooking.  Below are just some of the items I’ve been cooking.


Overall impressions:  The non-stick surface noticeably creates less friction than traditional nonsticks and hard-anodized nonstick surfaces, as if Calphalon infused a tube of lube onto the pan.  The surface is downright slick (literally) and it stays true as advertised.  It  retains heat as well as my stainless steel collection, which is also by Calphalon.  The surface is extremely easy to clean and most of the time, the oil can be cleanly wiped off by a soft paper towel.  Transitioning from other types of nonstick surfaces to this one was a non-issue and it felt pretty natural to use right out of the box.

– An omelet pan should stay true to its name and it does.  Cooking omelets is a cinch and no egg remnants are left on the pan.

Breakfast Potatoes
– No problems here as expected.  No difference between using this and a traditional non stick

Pan-Seared Salmon – Fears of having the skin-side stick to the pan are no longer an issue.  The skin comes out evenly cooked and crisp.

Sautéed Gnocchi – Coated the surface with a bit of butter, evenly browned the gnocchi with no stickler in sight

Rib-Eye Steak – Pan-seared on high heat then transferred to an oven set to 450 degrees for 5 minutes.  The result:  Crisp, evenly brown outside, medium-rare inside.

Fried Rice/Stir-Fries – No problems here, results no different than using a traditional non-stick pan.

unison004 unison005
Reductions – Reduced balsamic vinegar over high heat.  Resulted in a smooth, sweet, and glossy finish.  The pan was pretty much spotless after I poured out the reduction.

Final Verdict: One pan to rule them all.  Stainless and other non-stick brands should be afraid.  Recommended, but be prepared to pay a premium.

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