Cake, Rice Cooker Style

There I was at the Japanese supermarket a couple years back looking to purchase one of those fancy rice cookers.   I had no idea rice cookers could be so expensive and high tech.  Up until that point, I was using a rice cooker that had been in my family for 20 years or so and it was about time to send it into retirement.  After walking down the aisle, I decided on a Zojirushi brand rice cooker that was on sale, and it happened to be under $100.  It had all the functions I wanted, but it also claimed to bake cake.   Wow, that’s some revolutionary shit right there.  Well, up until this week, I didn’t even bother with the cake function.  Seriously, who bakes a cake with a rice cooker?  I wish I had tried it out earlier because it’s quite magical.  After baking a couple of cakes earlier this week, I am a believer!  I”m guessing the rice cooker’s “fuzzy logic” technology is the culprit for baking a moist and delicious cake.   The recipe is included in the instruction manual and the directions for mixing the batter are quite easy to follow.  I made a regular vanilla sponge cake on the first turn, and after tasting the results, I decided to create a green tea variant.  Surprisingly, the rice cooker pops out a decent sized cake.  I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I ended up eating cake for dessert over the next few days, and occasionally for breakfast.   Having cake for breakfast should be as normal as bacon, eggs, and sausage.


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