Kyoto and the Green Tea Overload!

During my visit to Kyoto, Japan last year, I only had two days to visit and I just rushed along without really taking in what the city had to offer.  I knew that green tea was important in Japanese culture, but I didn’t realize how much green tea was part of the food culture. When I say, a part of food culture, I don’t mean by green tea being served along meals, but rather, the infusion of matcha into different types of food.  Matcha is the ground powdered form of green tea, and for most people around the world, the wonderful flavor of matcha can be experienced through green tea ice cream.  This time around, I spent four days in Kyoto and even ventured out to Uji for a short day trip.  Uji is considered the green tea capital of Japan, and there lies some of the highest quality, if not the best matcha in the world.  In a nutshell, Kyoto and Uji is a green tea lover’s dream come true.

Green Tea Churros from Delifrance cafe around the corner from Kyoto Tower.  I ate one and while it was good, I wasn’t used to it being cold.  I’m used to eating hot and crispy churros .

Green Tea and Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flavored donut holes from Delifrance.  These were amazing.  Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and a gush of air rushes out upon the first bite.

Green tea and vanilla parfait from the tea cafe below the Yodobashi Kyoto.   The soft serve goes well with the unsweetened iced green tea.

Haagan Daz Green Tea Crispy Sandwich that can be found in vending machines and convenience stores.  I wish I could find some back in the states!

One of the many green tea soft serves I had during the trip.  This stuff is truly addicting.

This is known as a rollcake sand.  It’s spongecake topped with matcha whipped cream and matcha powder.  Should’ve ordered two of these!  Got this at the stand at Arashiyama Station Square.  A  perfect dessert after visiting the monkey park.

Green tea ice cream dessert from Nakamura Tokichi in Uji, Japan.  Accompanied with green tea jelly, mochi, and sweet red beans, the green tea  ice cream is probably the best I have ever had.  A must visit for green tea ice cream lovers.

Cold green tea noodles from Nakamura Tokichi in Uji, Japan.  One of my favorite noodle dishes during the trip.

Green tea noodles in broth.  I preferred the cold noodles over the hot ones due to the al dente feeling of the cold noodles.

Green Tea Kit Kats!  Made from Uji matcha!

10 thoughts on “Kyoto and the Green Tea Overload!

  1. Welcome to Kyoto.
    I’m so glad that you love matcya ,and realize the real matcya taste.
    Pictures are so beautiful and look so tasteful and mouth watering.
    Have you ever tried the tea ceremony?
    It makes you so calm down and refresh.

  2. Thanks! I wanted to do the tea ceremony, but I did not have time on the trip, but I am hoping to do it on another trip out there.

  3. Mitsuwa Marketplace
    Southern California (6 stores), San Jose CA, Chicago IL, Edgewater NJ, Online store(You will find some of green tea products.)

    Southern California (9 stores), Cupertino CA, Online store (You will find some of green tea products.)

    Nijiya Market
    Southern California (6 stores), Northern California (4 stores), Hartsdale NY, Honolulu HI (2 stores), Online store

  4. Thank you! I feel very fortunate that I live in Chicago, IL. I used to go to the Edgewater store a lot when I was living in Northern New Jersey. I will be dropping by there for some hojicha.

  5. I’m a HUGE green tea drinker/lover and your beautiful picture have me drooling on my keyboard!

    I hope (and pray and hope and pray..) that we’ll begin seeing products like these in the states. The Haagan Daz Green Tea Crispy Sandwich looks out of this world and I’m going to be dreaming about the ice cream cone for months. The Matcha whipped cream I’m going to have to take a crack at. Matcha is amazing.

    Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and travels!

  6. Joi, I hope so too! It’s too bad that I couldn’t bring any of the Haagan Daz Green Tea Crispy Sandwiches back with me. Thanks for reading!

  7. I also love matcya very much.
    There is food of various matcya tastes in Japan.
    In it, the bagel bread of the matcya taste, the chocolate of matcya, and the cake of the matcya taste like me.
    matcya is very expensive.
    However, if there is an opportunity, I will recommend to purchase to you.
    You can put matcya into a pancake and can burn it.
    You can also do the topping of the matcya to a vanilla ice cream.
    You put sugar and matcya in milk,
    matcya milk can also be made.
    It is very easy for you to make them, and it is very delicious.

  8. In Japan, the matcher milk is a popular drink.
    In Starbucks of Japan, there is a drink which put powdered green tea into soy milk.

    Powdered green tea is very healthy.
    In Japan, seemingly usage of becoming cold prevention will also be carried out if it gargles with green tea, there is also an anti-cancer action, and research is advanced.
    Please enjoy powdered green tea depending on various usage.

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