To the Monkey Park!

What’s better than writing about food?  Writing about monkeys of course!  I  mean, how the heck does one top a visit to the monkey park?  You can’t.

Since I went to Kyoto last year, I decided to skip most of the places I already visited and was looking for something unique to experience.  The Iwatayama Monkey Park was the perfect excursion to embark upon.  The monkeys that reside at the top are Japanese Macaques.

It took a bit of effort to hike up the hills and the steps.  Shoes with adequate traction are recommended and don’t bother going on a rainy day, since the path can get rather slippery, or the monkey park might be closed.  Besides, who wants to smell wet monkeys?  Well, maybe you do, but I don’t.  Bring water and take your time up the path, safety first!

The monkeys just roam about and they’ll walk right by you minding their own business and doing their thing.  It’s quite a spectacle to see them groom and play with each other.  I highly recommend this place if you’re not afraid of animals.

The path didn’t look so bad on the cartoon map.  I was huffing and puffing by the time I arrived at the top.  The intensity of the sun didn’t help either.

An important sign posted in the visitor’s center. Yes, don’t stare the monkeys in the eye, or they will put on boxing gloves and knock you out.  Don’t touch the monkeys because they don’t like it.  Don’t feed them outside because they will go monkey shit on you.

Juvenile butt scratching, keep moving, nothing to see here!

Two by the pond.

Monkey and Koi stare down!

Feeding time!


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