Coolest.Bottle Opener.Ever!

Last week I was in Japan having dinner in a ramen shop with a bunch of coworkers. As usual, we ordered Japanese beer to go with a Japanese meal. When the beers were delivered to the table, the server also placed down a white cylindrical device next to the bottles. It turned out to be a bottle opener. No, It wasn’t just any bottle opener, but Sentol, the amazing one pop bottle opener.

We weren’t given instructions on how to use it so trying to figure out how it worked was fun. It’s so simple to use, yet not very intuitive until the short learning curve threshold is surpassed.

Coworker #1 “How the heck do you…oh, damn, that is awesome.”
Coworker #2 “Oh shit, let me try. Genius!”
Coworker #3 “I’ll take five of those please!”

The bottle openers are so popular at the ramen shop that they also sell them. Not a bad marketing strategy on their part.

Sentol has been around since 1981 and there are many imitations out there, but the original ones are made in Japan and the bottom has the word “SENTOL” etched on it.

Just place the opener over the bottle and push down.

The magnet on the opener catches the bottle cap after it’s been removed.   So thoughtful!

Bottlepal is selling the plain white version for $7.99 USD.

By the way I am not advertising Kirin beer, I just happened to have some in the refrigerator.

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