Peeling Vegetables Never Felt So Damn Satisfying

While I was in Japan, I went to a small department store with a coworker to pick up some snacks for the night. We ended up in the kitchenware area, which at the time, I was pretty sure there were no snacks to be found. I was right. As he walked around scanning the aisles, his eyes lit up when he found the item he was looking for, the Kyocera ceramic vegetable peeler.

He looked at me and said that those were the best peelers ever. I’ve never seen anyone so excited about vegetable peelers before. Right then and there, he swiped five off the rack and dumped them into his shopping basket. Damn, this guy wasn’t kidding!

His enthusiam for the peelers piqued my curiosity, so I bought one too. If the peeler I purchased turned out to be the shittiest peeler I ever used, I was going to go back to my coworker…and do nothing about it.

I finally got a chance to use it back home. I was having some trouble peeling the outer layer of burdock root with the kitchen knife and remembered about my recent kitchen tool acquisition.

Wow, that peeler is amazing! It made short work of the burdock root and I was thoroughly impressed by the ceramic blade. Kyoto makes one badass vegetable peeler. It’s so good that you’ll be tempted to find things in the kitchen just to peel for fun.

I picked one up in Japan, but you don’t have to travel so far.  Amazon sells them for $8.95 in a variety of colors.

2 thoughts on “Peeling Vegetables Never Felt So Damn Satisfying

  1. Geez, now I am so tempting to order one from Amazon, which probably is not a good idea given that I have already got two peelers at home and that I am cash poor after my recent first home purchase. 🙁

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