Foods I Hated As A Child, But Love As An Adult

Growing up, there were certain foods that disgusted me.  The flavors and textures just didn’t seem to “taste right.”  However, as an adult, I find them to be just delicious.  I really do believe that our tastes evolve as we grow older, and that we should not discount giving some foods a second chance.

Cilantro – The first time I had this, I thought I was eating dirt-flavored detergent.  I don’t remember when I started liking it.  A few of my friends cannot stand the taste of cilantro, and others simply love the flavor.

Olives – I used to hate olives with a passion.  As a child, I always wondered, “Who the heck eats this shit?!?  I now know who eats this shit, the adult version of me.

Bitter Melon – If you’re Chinese, chances are, you’ve had bitter melon growing up.  I remember when my parents used to cook this stuff for dinner.  When I had it for the first time, I spent the rest of dinner trying to scrape the bitter flavor off my tongue.  Fast forward 20 years and there I am at a Chinese restaurant enjoying bitter melon with beef over rice.   Image credit:

Kimchi – I remember the day I had kimchi for the first time.  I saw my dad downing this stuff and I decided to try some.     The spiciness and pungent smell blew me off the seat.  Needless to day, I never touched the stuff until I graduated college.  Kimchi is now one of my favorite foods.  In fact, the more fermented the better!

Uni (Sea Urchin Roe) – Uni is one of those foods where one has to not only acquire the taste for, but to overcome it’s texture.  Also, if you know what a sea urchin is, then you’re probably wondering who the heck decided to crack one of those spiny things up and stick a spoon in it.  Uni is truly one of my favorite foods.  It’s the butter of the sea.


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