McDonald’s Mighty Wings Flight Tests

McDonald’s has chosen Chicago as its second test city for its Mighty Wings.  Trials in Atlanta were pretty successful, and the expansion to Chicago means there’s a good bit of momentum behind them.

I don’t frequent McDonald’s much. The last time I was there was in August 2011 after a bit of bar hopping.  The filet-o-fish at the time did taste rather magical.

I went to the McDonald’s closest to my location and ordered the 3 piece box of mighty wings with a side of buffalo sauce.  At $2.99 for three pieces, that’s a dollar a piece.  These mighty wings are mighty expensive!  There are also five and ten piece options, and the price per piece comes down a bit in price with the medium and large orders.  I headed home somewhat disturbed that I just paid a dollar per piece.

As I opened the box, I wasn’t exactly greeted with a flattering view.  What was that round ball between the two wings?  Oh, it was the over-breaded drumette.   There’s a good amount of breading, but in this case, that’s not a bad thing.  The breading was as crispy as advertised but as with any fried item, was greasy. The size of the wings were decent and had a good amount of meat.  The slight peppery kick and savory spices help the wings hold up on their own, so there really is no need for an additional dipping sauce.

I actually enjoyed them.  The crunchiness and flavors go well together.  It’s a good product with great potential, but it carries a steep entrance fee. If McDonald’s Mighty Wings manages to go national, the $2.99 starting price for three pieces may keep them grounded.


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