Grate And Freeze Fresh Ginger To Keep It Handy When Needed


Ginger is one of those items that I hardly use in cooking, but when I need some, I don’t have any, and when I have some, I only use a tiny bit. The rest goes to waste or I store it in the refrigerator only to find it months later all the way in the back all shriveled and dried up.

A coworker gave me a great tip when it comes to storing and using ginger.  She told me to grate it, store it in a freezer bag, and store it in the freezer.  Whenever I needed some. I could just break off  however much I needed.

First scrape or cut off the skin, you’ll waste less by scraping off the skin.



Grate the ginger over a bowl because you’ll want to save the precious juice.


Once grated, place in a freezer bag and flatten it out.


Freeze until frozen and break off the amount you need.  Return the rest to the freezer.

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