The Boos Block Board Cream Review, Your Wood Will Thank You

Boos Block Board Cream

The problem with owning a wooden cutting board is that it has to be properly maintained so it doesn’t dry out and crack over time.  The key is to keep the wooden board moisturized and mineral oil the default recommendation.

Well, I hate using mineral oil.  Every time I picked up the board my fingers were laced with a film of greasiness.  I went in search for a mineral oil alternative and the common denominator that kept coming up in my searches was Boos Block Board Cream.  The block cream is a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax. At first, I was deterred at the thought of using more mineral oil, but the user reviews were overwhelmingly positive, so I made the purchase.  A tube of the cream will set you back eight to twelve dollars for five ounces.  While  five ounces doesn’t seem like much,a little bit goes a long way.

The cream is advertised to work on all types of wood and is not limited for use on cutting boards, but also on chopping blocks and wooden culinary utensils.

Application is easy, just start with a dab and massage the cream onto the surface.  Keep laying on the cream until the surface is well covered.  The cream does have a distinctive smell to it, I reckon it’s the beeswax.  Don’t wipe off the excess cream, leave it on overnight so the wood can absorb as much of it as it can.  If there is still excess cream on the surface the next day, wipe it off with a paper towel.

I prefer the board cream over pure mineral oil.  It didn’t leave my hands with the greasy feeling like the mineral oil did.  It also left the board with a warmer tone of color and the surface is quite smooth after application.


The next item I tested the cream on was a dried out wooden spatula that I hadn’t used for years.  I treated the right half with the cream and the difference in color and feel is quite noticeable.


Boos Block Board Cream is a good product and while it costs more than mineral oil, you’ll be much happier with the end results.

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