The Case of the Post Flu Appetite

I wasn’t too far from reaching the finish line of the end of the flu season.  I was doing rather well, keeping a steady pace ahead of the flu as it made it’s way infecting others around me.  Then it happened, what I thought was a slight cold was actually the flu starting to gain on me.  We were neck an neck, but the virus was much better at this race than I was.  I had lost. Losers receive a consolation prize of fever, chills,sore throat, body aches, phlegm, and possibly the worst of all, suppressed appetite served with a side of blandness.  Even the tastiest of food tastes like cardboard, and it would be days until I would regain a normal sense of taste.

Once the brunt of the bad stuff started to pass, my appetite was starting to make a comeback, but I wasn’t craving the food that I’m used to eating.  I had the crave for something greasy and something alcoholic.  It dawned on me that I always hunger for unhealthy food whenever I recover from the flu, and I was fine with that.

Last Friday, my buddies and I headed to a Korean restaurant for something delicious…and something unhealthy…with a bit of alcohol.  Welcome back, taste buds.

popcorn chicken
First course, a huge heaping plate of fried chicken bites.

steamed pork belly
Second course, steamed porked belly.

Hawaiian kimchi fried rice
Hawaiian Kimchi Fried Rice, the perfect last dish to satisfy the post-flu appetite.


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