Get Your Sugar and Antioxidant Fix With Green Tea Chiffon Cake

I am using the Chiffon Cake recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, with one very slight modification, I replaced the vanilla extract with green tea powder (matcha).  It took me a few tries until I got the cooking method down and to save you a bit of grief of watching the cake deflate as it is removed from the oven, let’s increase your odds of success the first time.

  1. First, you will need an Angel Food Cake Pan, do NOT use a bundt cake pan!
    The chiffon cake is cooled upside down in the pan after baking, so that it retains the shape and doesn’t sink in after cooking.  There are some angel food cake pans that have “feet” to prop up the pan.  The other cooling method is to set it upside down through the center hole onto the neck of a wine bottle or something similar, however, make sure the hole in the top of the center cone is big enough to fit through the neck of a wine bottle when it is turned over.
  2. Let the eggs sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes.  This will help the egg whites whip up into stiff peaks easier.  Have clean separation of the yolks from the egg whites.  Make sure there are no traces of egg yolk in the egg whites.  Also make sure the mixing bowl containing the egg whites is free from any greasy residue.  Wash your hands and dry thoroughly before cracking the eggs.
    I found it easier to create stiff peaks with the wire whisk attachment over the standard mixer beater attachments.  I used large eggs.  It’s funny how recipes call for eggs, but don’t give the size of the egg to use.
  3. Do not grease or flour the pan, or use nonstick spray.  The cake needs to stick to the interior pan wall to ‘climb’ up as it bakes.
  4. Position the cake pan so that it is right in the middle of the oven.
  5. Always preheat the oven and never open the oven door during baking.
  6. The recipe calls for cake flour, so freaking use cake flour!
  7. Once baked, the cake will be a chore to remove, even in a nonstick cake pan. I use an icing knife wrapped in plastic wrap.  It’s thin enough to get between the cake and the pan without doing damage to either.  Apply gentle pressure and tease the cake out slowly until it completely releases.  Never force the cake out.  Ever try to force a hermit crab out of its shell?  Somewhere in the Pacific there is a hermit crab missing a claw because of me.  I still feel terrible about it.
  8. Don’t use a hand or electric mixer when combining the dry and wet ingredients, do it the old fashioned way by hand with a regular whisk.
  9. Be precise with the measurements, none of that eyeballing and “ehhh, that looks about right” crap!
  10. Pair the green tea cake with sweet red bean paste or red bean whipped cream.  That stuff goes together like Bonnie and Clyde, like bread and butter…like horses and glue?


2 thoughts on “Get Your Sugar and Antioxidant Fix With Green Tea Chiffon Cake

  1. Thanks for sharing the receipe. The green tea cake is killer. Light, fluffy and although the receipe calls for a ton of sugar, it wasn’t overly sweet. Loved it!!!!

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