Giant Shrimp, A Delicious Oxymoron

During Thanksgiving dinner preparations, my father dumped a large block of frozen shrimp into the kitchen sink to defrost.  As I went over to take a look at the shrimp, I realized that they weren’t  the type I was accustomed to eating.  Those were the giant black tiger shrimp that I had been reading about online.  The shrimp have now invaded US waters and can grow up to a foot, possibly longer.

Even without the head,the body covers a significant portion of my hand. Calling a shrimp a giant seems like an oxymoron, but I’ll call it for what it is, delicious.  The meat is firm, reminding me of lobster, but there’s a satisfying crunch to it when you bite down.  They are hard to come by in grocery store seafood departments, it maybe easier to find a seafood distributor to purchase from as that’s how many restaurants get their hands on them.

The shrimp was prepared with minimal ingredients.  Soy sauce, garlic, onions, and jalapeno peppers did the trick.  The shell has to remain on during cooking to prevent moisture loss.

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