I Just Had Eggs For The First Time, Sort Of…

Ok, it’s not my first time eating eggs, but it may as well be.  I grew up eating commercially produced eggs that were purchased from the local supermarkets and that’s how I thought eggs tasted.  That was until my friend, the Culinary Deviant, gave me a dozen eggs from her personal chicken coop.

Dark Brown Speckled Egg, laid by a French Cuckoo Maran.  Light Brown Egg, laid by a Barred Rock.  White Egg, laid by a Golden Lakenvelder

The shells are strong…maybe too strong.  No doubt it’s due to the hens’ diet of oyster shells, fruits, vegetables, and chicken feed.  You know, the good stuff.  The eggs took a bit more effort than usual to crack and were nothing like the brittle egg shells of their commercially produced counterparts.  I scrambled up a few with just a bit of salt and oil.  The taste was familiar, and yet, unfamiliar, but maybe that’s a good thing because I probably tasted an egg for the first time.  The texture was also creamier than that of commercially produced eggs.  This is how eggs are supposed to taste!  How can I go back to regular eggs now that I have tasted the good stuff?

Three yolks, each from a different breed of hen.

Scrambled and delicious.  Best prepared with minimal ingredients or nothing at all.


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