Ting Ting Jahe Ginger Candy

My dad randomly took a piece of candy out of his pocket, and asked me if I wanted one.  Oh, it was a piece of ginger candy.  The chewy texture and the lightly spicy bite of ginger, it sure brought back  childhood memories.  A few weeks later, a coworker  was eating the same candy as I was walking out of the office with her and she gave me a piece.  That was odd, I haven’t had ginger candy since I was a kid and within a month, I was offered the same type of candy by two different people.  A few months later another coworker came up to me to show me a new kind of candy he was addicted to.  He asked me if I had eaten it before.  “Of course.” I said, “It’s ginger candy!”

Roxytrading.com has a bit of history on the candy.

Sin-A Ginger Chew/Candy has been produced in Indonesia for the past sixty years and is renowned for its uniqueness and superb quality. The Chew is made of exclusively natural ingredients, no artificial flavoring or preservative is added to the Chew. In order for the product to maintain its optimal level of ginger flavor without being too pungent for the average consumer, the manufacturer uses only the choicest mature ginger from a specific area in Indonesia, stone-grinds the ginger into fine pulp and then processes it with maltose, cane sugar, tapioca starch. The manufacturer is so keen to maintain its most traditional method of production that even to date, the Chews are still individually wrapped by hand.  Due to the high level of ginger juice in the Chew – 8.14%, the product can withstand a shelf-life of 18 months without any preservative. However, the product is susceptible to heat, and therefore is best stored or shelved below 80°F.

The ginger candy can be found at most Asian grocery stores and costs between one to two dollars for a pack.




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