A Green Tea to Keep Around: UJInoTSUYU Matcha Iri Sencha

I drink a lot of green tea, and I’m always switching brands because I can never find one that I can enjoy.  Yesterday I was  grocery shopping at a local Asian supermarket and picked up a bag of Matcha Iri Sencha by UJInoTSUYU.  It was my first time purchasing the brand of loose leaf tea and it certainly won’t be the last.   It reminds me of the tea I drink at Japanese Restaurants. The tea is imported from Japan’s Uji region, which is considered one of the best places in the world for growing tea trees.  I visited Uji a couple years ago and I had the best hojicha and green tea ice cream ever there.  To this day, I still have not found anything comparable to it.

Ujinotsuyu Matcha Iri Sencha
Doesn’t seem like much, but a little bit goes a long way.

Ujinotsuyu Green Tea Close Up.The tea leaves are dusted with matcha

Ujinotsuyu Matcha Iri Sencha
The tea delivers a nice clean and crisp flavor.  I can drink this any time of day.

Ujinotsuyu Matcha Iri Sencha

Uji Green Tea Plant
Picture of tea leaves that I took in Uji, Japan.

Uji, Japan
One of the rivers in Uji, Japan.  It was raining that day, but none the less, a beautiful place to be.

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