Found: Tsukemen, The Dipping Ramen

A few years ago in Osaka,  I went to eat at a random noodle soup restaurant and had dipping ramen for the first time.  Shortly after returning to the US, an acquaintance of mine told me the type of noodle was called tsukemen.  It was better than any noodle I’ve ever had.  I went back to Osaka the following year and visited the noodle joint once again.

Tsukemen at a noodle bar in Osaka

I was unsuccessful in finding a restaurant that specialized in tsukemen and gave up on the search.  This past weekend while in LA visiting a close friend, we were eating late night ramen and he mentioned of a place that served thick and chewy noodles that came with a dipping sauce .  My eyes lit up. Surely he was talking about tsukemen!

Two days later, my buddy took me to Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle on Sawtelle Blvd.  He wrote his name down on the waiting list and  after a short wait we were seated.  I was excited. Was this going to be as legit as the noodle place in Osaka?

In no time at all , out came bowls of the thick chewy noodles and hot dipping broth.  As I dipped the noodles into the broth , it brought back memories of the Osaka noodle bar. The egg with the runny center was spot on.  I had found what I was searching for.  The dipping broth was filled with pieces of fatty pork and it was delicious.

Finally, Tsukemen has arrived in the US!

I miss these noodles already.

Egg with a nice and gooey center.

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