In Need of A Warm Up. A Weekend Trip to Santa Monica and LA – Part 1

The winter in the Midwest has been unseasonably cold. Enough I say!  I needed some warmth, and not the type provided by a puffy winter jacket and a layer of thermals.  My fiance and I took a weekend trip to Santa Monica and Los Angeles.  l last visited in 2012 and wanted to make sure not visit the same places as before.  I was also ready to eat.

My fiance and I finally arrived at LAX after our flight was delayed a couple of times.  With the weather in Chicago, I wasn’t sure we were going to make it out.  My friend pulled up to pick us up right on time and the first thing he asked was, “Are you guys hungry?”  He knows us so well.  It was already late at night and we ended up at Daikokuya Ramen in west LA.  I was surprised that we had to wait to be seated at 10:30pm.


We were pretty tired after the flight and the ramen and we went back to my friend’s place to call it a night.

My fiance and I were on our own for the morning and afternoon and we decided to spend the day in Santa Monica.  First on the list, was breakfast.  We decided to go to The OP Cafe since it was within walking distance and close a bus stop.

OP Cafe

The OP Cafe
Noting like a hearty breakfast to prepare for the walking I was about to do.

Santa Monica Pier
By the time we walked to the Santa Monica Pier, my fiance decided she wanted macaroons.  A quick search on our phones led us to The Market in Santa Monica Place.

The Market - Santa Monica Place
Inside The Market

Chocolate Opulence Macaroons
Time to get our snack on! Macaroons from Chocolate Opulence.

Afterwards, we took a stroll around the Third Street Promenade until we worked up an appetite for a late lunch at The Misfit.

The Misfit
The Crispy Chicken Sandwich

The Prime Rib Nik Niks.  I had to ask the waitress what a Nik Niks was…it’s basically a slider.

We didn’t do much the rest of the night.  We went to Century City to get our Robocop on.

The next morning we went to Tsijita LA Aritisan Noodle for dipping ramen.  It was delicious.  The last time I had that type of ramen was in Osaka back in 2012.  Afterward we walked around Sawtelle Blvd a bit.  Soon we walked by Brian’s Shave Ice.  We went inside of course.  Our bellies were full of ramen, but that didnt’ matter, we made room for shaved ice.

Brian's Shave Ice

Brian's Shave Ice

Brian's Shave Ice

The Buttercup LA
We made one last stop at The Butter Cup LA to pick up a box of macaroon for snacking later.

Next stop, the Getty Center to walk off our lunch and dessert.

The Getty Center

The Getty Center

We were all craving Korean food for some reason after visiting the Getty.  After a short break back at my friend’s place, we headed to Koreatown for all you can eat Korean BBQ at Hae Jang Chon.  In hindsight, it really wasn’t a good idea as we over ate big time and our stomachs had a bit of trouble keeping up afterward.

Hae Jang Chon

Hae Jang Chon

The meat, beer, and kimchi fried rice took its toll on us and we headed home to rest.  That was it for the night, the food had won.

On to part 2.

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