A Sweet Moment With Ritter SPORT

Once in a while, the chocolate cravings crawl of of their hiding spot from deep within.  When that happens I usually go for the dark chocolate variety, somewhere between the 60% and 80% range.  However, when I want something sweeter, I default to my favorite brand of chocolate, Ritter SPORT.  The first time I had a piece of the Alpine Milk Chocolate variety, I was hooked.   It was velvety, smooth, and performed a triple toe loop in my mouth.  The texture is not too heavy, not to light, just right.  You know that feeling of having a moment when you’re eating something really good?  That’s right, Ritter SPORT has moment-inducing properties.

Ritter Sport

There’s also something about holding a pack of it in the hand.  It feels solid, as in it’s got a bit of heft to it.  It just feels good to hold on to.  Although the Alpine Milk variety is one my favorites, the Butter Biscuit and Espresso ones are just as good.


Be sure to pick up a pack (or two, or three) if you ever see then while shopping.  The square packaging and color schemes are quite distinct.

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