Don’t Call Me A Foodie

Robot Chef
When someone calls me a foodie, I take offense.  My face may not show it, but deep inside I’m suppressing the urge to tell the person that I’m not a foodie, not even close.

Yet, here I am, with my own blog about food and cooking.  Surely, only a foodie would do something like have his own food blog.  Well, I don’t consider myself a foodie, because I’m not. My definition of a foodie is someone who has deep knowledge of the food scene and its hottest trends.  A foodie makes it an adventure to dine at the most popular restaurants, yet spends copious amounts of time in search of the next big thing in “hole in the wall’ dining establishments.  A foodie doesn’t mind waiting in line or driving out of the way for three hours just to dine at a particular place for twenty minutes so that he or she can write up a Yelp review with the goal of attaining the coveted Elite status amongst other Yelpers.  A foodie is a food extremist, one who is passionate about the art of eating, but has little knowledge about the culinary arts.

And then there’s me.  Ask me what the hottest restaurant in town is and I will tell you to go pound sand.  Take me to a place where I have to wait for three hours and I will say, “no thanks.”  During a certain point in my life, the foodie label was appropriate, but no more.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy dining out very much, I just don’t make an effort to go out to try the newest thing or dine at the most popular places.  I still haven’t had a cronut, and I don’t plan on trying one anytime soon.  When an opportunity presents for me to dine out, I depend on the knowledge of foodies to help me make my restaurant selection.  Nowadays, I prefer being a kitchen creature with a bunch of ingredients in front of me with a chef’s knife in hand.  I enjoy working on  recipes, thinking about how to build flavor profiles, and plating food in a way to make it look as delicious as possible.  Instead of waiting in line for three hours for a meal, I’d rather be home honing my kitchen knife sharpening skills.

Since the foodie moniker no longer applies to me, what can I be referred as?  The first world that comes to mind is gourmet, a person who is truly passion about all aspects of food, not just a consumer of it.  However, I’m not a fan of the word gourmet, it strikes me as snobby and pretentious.  I have many friends who consider themselves foodies, but knowing that they can hold their own in the kitchen, they deserve being labeled as a gourmet.

So what are you?  Foodie or Gourmet?

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