Rice Cooker Pancakes, So Hot Right Now

Last week, a particular post about using a rice cooker to cook a giant pancake took the food world by storm. Of course it caught my interest as I love pancakes and thought it would be fun to experiment with. At what point is a pancake no longer a pancake, but is just a cake?

The instructions were relatively simple, pour pancake batter into a Japanese rice cooker, and cook for about 45 minutes.  Easy enough I thought, I do have a Japanese rice cooker after all.

I have a Zojirushi NS-TGC10 5 cup rice cooker.   I used Hungry Jack Complete Extra Light and Fluffy pancake mix at the largest serving measurement.  Why Hungry Jack? Because it was on sale.  I also added green tea powder (matcha) into the mix to add a bit of flavor.  The batter came out to about 5 cups. I poured the batter into the nonstick inner container and was ready to start cooking…but then, I was a bit confused.  Which cooking option do I use?  The original post says to just hit the start button and cook for about 45 minutes.  Since the instructions were somewhat vague, I opted for the cake option on my rice cooker.  Yes, my rice cooker makes cakes and I’m surprised using pancake batter never crossed my mind.

Coincidentally, the cake cooking option is pre-set for 45 minutes, and I have the option to either reduce or extend the cooking time.  45 minutes should be good enough.

It’s a thing of beauty.  I had to let it rest for a little bit after cooking.  The center was still a bit gooey, but a quick zap in the microwave solved that problem.

It sure beats standing around the stove making pancakes one at a time.  It may be a lot of pancake, but it freezes well and you’ll have plenty on hand.

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