When One Knife Grip Style Just Doesn’t Cut It

I purchased a Moritaka AS Gyuto not long ago after hearing about it on knife forums.  It’s a great looking knife and it definitely holds the title of sharpest blade in my knife collection.  However, I ended up not using it much because every time I used it, I felt pain in my fingers.  I thought, this knife is supposed to be very comfortable to hold, yet I couldn’t even slice a large piece of chicken breast without feeling pain.  Surely, something was wrong.  I blamed the knife.  What a shitty knife.

While I was growing up and  helping out in the kitchen of my parent’s restaurant, I was taught to use the pinch grip, so, that was the grip style I defaulted to when using a Chinese cleaver or a chef’s knife.  Naturally, when I used the Moritaka, I used the pinch grip.  It came to the point of not only was it painful to hold, but the knife was no longer doing the cutting, I was.  Again, what a shitty knife.

I thought of selling the Moritaka, but before I took action, I thought about giving the knife another chance.  I changed the way I held it.  This time, I used the pointed grip and it made a world of difference.  The knife, which was the harbinger of arthritis, became amazing.  The pain was gone and it was a joy to use.  However, I realized the grip I used was much more suited for slicing, not so much dicing.  The knife is not the workhorse that I thought it would become, and has taken a back seat to my Victorinox Fibrox.  While I don’t use it much, whe‌n it comes to precise slicing, the Moritaka is unrivaled.  What a shitty knife.

There are times when using one type of knife grip style just doesn’t cut it.  While it does also come down to personal preference, it’s also going to depend on the type of knife used.  There is no “one size fits all” type of knife grip style.  Pictured below are the types of knives I often use, and I realized that when it comes to using smaller knives, I use a combination style grip that is part hammer and part pinch.



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