Garlic – 1, Knife – 0

We’ve all done it when it comes to preparing garlic for a meal.  The famous chef’s knife garlic smash.  Chefs on television do it all the time, so it must be correct, right?  I was on Reddit last night and a post caught my attention.  A Redditor by the name of PepperCookie posted a picture of a broken knife blade cause by an attempt to smash garlic.  The garlic won that round.


As you can see, it’s a perfect example of how not to treat your chef’s knife.  I read through the comments section and while many readers mentioned that it broke because it was a cheap knife.  I can tell you, it doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap the knife is, it’s not made for smashing garlic.  It’s like using a spoon to scoop hard ice cream, and yet, you’re still amazed that the spoon managed to bend.

I made this basic knife care infographic earlier in the year, click to enlarge!


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