Two Split Chicken Breasts, Many Possibilities

I’m an idiot.  For years since I started cooking, I bought skinless and boneless chicken breasts.  What I really didn’t find out until recently is that I should have bought split chicken breasts all along.  Split chicken breasts come with the breast bone and skin intact.

The reasons for purchasing split chicken breasts just make good sense.  First off the cost is much less, and second, I can get more use out of them.  Cheaper doesn’t mean worse quality, it just means more prep work.  You see, the reason people purchase skinless and boneless chicken breasts is due to convenience. Most of the work is already done, and you pay for that.  What they are missing out on is the chance to use the breast bones for soup, and to make crispy chicken skins.  At $1.99 a pound, I can get a nice chicken dinner going with a few extra ingredients.

Two split chicken breasts.  About two pounds worth.

First, peel off the skin and set aside.  You may have to use a filet or paring knife to help ease it off the meat.  Set it aside for now.

Next, remove the meat from the bone.  Using your knife, use the breastbone as a guide.  Try to remove as much meat as you can.  That small piece in the middle is the tenderloin, a very nice cut of meat.

Look at all those pieces of chicken!

Remove any excess fat that is on the skin and be very careful, you don’t want to tear the skin.  Place them between two paper towels to absorb moisture and set in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.  If there is too much fat and moisture on the skin when it hits the hot oil, you’re going to have a bad time.

Clean up the excess bits of meat off the breast bones.


Now you have everything prepared, below is what I made.

chicken soup
First Course:  A simple chicken soup made by cooking the chicken breast bones over a low boil for an hour (covered).  About 4.5 cups of water, green onions, onions, and a tomato.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Strain the soup through cheese cloth before serving for a clean looking soup.

fried chicken skins
Second Course:  Pan fried chicken skins with a bit of salt and pepper.  Super crispy.

Third Course:  Chicken-Katsu Bites made with the breast and tenderloin meat.


Another thing I tend to do is I buy a whole bunch of split chicken breasts.  Once I have everything separated, they are stored in freezer bags, that way, I’ll have everything stocked up for later use, like if I want to make a big pot of chicken soup.




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