• The Mighty Parrot Fish Doesn’t Caw, But It Sure Is Tasty!

    The Mighty Parrot Fish Doesn’t Caw, But It Sure Is Tasty!

    On my recent trip to the beautiful Micronesian Island of Palau, I got a chance to try out a bit of the local fair. On the menu in the restaurant located on the bottom of my hotel, were two exotic animals I had never heard of, the fruitbat and parrotfish. Oh man, fruitbat! How badass would I be if I ate fruitbat? Well, I didn’t, so I’m not badass, but I did have have the parrotfish a couple of times. I ordered it off the [...]

  • Stuffing My Face With Sushi In Tokyo

    Stuffing My Face With Sushi In Tokyo

    Last year, I stood in line for almost three hours in the early morning for a seat at Sushi Dai located within the Tsuikiji Fish Market, which in hindsight, was a bit extreme to wait for sushi, even for me. The sushi was good, but I think I had fish market bias, like sushi beer goggles, which made me mentally think the sushi tasted better than it really should have. At the very least, I can say that I had sushi within the fish market.  [...]

  • Hello Hojicha!

    Hello Hojicha!

    Hojicha,  it’s just fun to say, and even better to drink.  As an avid green tea drinker, I usually stick to the common sencha variety, but once in a while, I’ll hit up my limited stash of hojicha that I purchased during last year’s Kyoto trip. Hojicha is made of roasted green tea leaves and the brew results in a brownish color with a robust, nutty mesquite flavor. It’s quite unique and I don’t think it’s for everyone’s palette, but eventually, some will come to [...]

  • In Goode Company

    In Goode Company

    I”m in Houston for a conference and I’m glad that it’s held outside of the downtown area because it’s given me the opportunity to dine at Goode Company Texas Seafood.  It was nce to get away from the Tex-Mex that I’ve been eating on previous trips.  I loved that the facade was made up of an old Amtrack coach, it reminded me of the Silver Palm Diner in Chicago.  The walls are adorned with black and white photographs of fisherman showing off their prized catches [...]

  • Bite-sized Cheesy Goodness

    Bite-sized Cheesy Goodness

      Living in Chicago and being relatively close to Wisconsin, I’ve had the pleasure of stuffing my face with cheese curds.  These bite sized delicious morsels of dairy goodness are tasty, chewy, and addictive while elevating cholesterol levels at the same time.  Recently, I had fried cheese curds for the first time.  If there was an equivalent to popcorn shrimp in the cheese world, it would have to be fried cheese curds.   Having lived in the East Coast most of my life, the only thing that resembled in [...]

  • I Went To A Vegetarian Restaurant For The First Time

    I Went To A Vegetarian Restaurant For The First Time

    Keeping with the 80/20 rule (80% plant based/20% everything else) diet guideline that I recently established for myself, I took the dive and went to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant for the first time on Friday. If there’s one thing I learned from others is, it’s that one’s first experience at a vegetarian restaurant can really make it or break it for you. If the place sucks, well, that sets a negative precedent for me to continue on my current path, and if it’s good, well, then [...]