• I Went To A Vegetarian Restaurant For The First Time

    I Went To A Vegetarian Restaurant For The First Time

    Keeping with the 80/20 rule (80% plant based/20% everything else) diet guideline that I recently established for myself, I took the dive and went to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant for the first time on Friday. If there’s one thing I learned from others is, it’s that one’s first experience at a vegetarian restaurant can really make it or break it for you. If the place sucks, well, that sets a negative precedent for me to continue on my current path, and if it’s good, well, then [...]

  • Cupcakes and a Dinosaur

    Cupcakes and a Dinosaur

    Now, what could the relation between a dinosaur and cupcakes be?  None…unless you  happen to be in Haddonfield, NJ, a historical site credited with the first discovery of an alm0st complete dinosaur skeleton, and now home to a delicious new discovery, Indulgence Cupcakery. Cupcake shops have found a comfortable niche in urban neighborhoods in places  such as Los Angeles, Manhattan, and other metropolitan areas, so it was inevitable for the cupcake craze to cross into small towns.  At first, Indulgence Cupcakery sounds out of place [...]

  • I Am Digging These Flat Dumplings

    I Am Digging These Flat Dumplings

    While the conventional frozen dumplings are pretty delicious, they’re not easy to pan-fry.  The shape makes it hard for them to cook evenly and I like my dumplings crispy, which meant I had to babysit and flip the dumplings a few times to get a nice brown crust on all sides.  In a nutshell, they are a pain in the ass to cook. But then, someone out there felt my angst and frustration with pan-frying conventional dumplings and decided to make dumping cooking most enjoyable.  [...]

  • Offalicious!


    When I mention the word cow, what comes to mind?  Is it a thick cut of dry-aged prime steak or a mean greasy burger?  How about both?  Well, there’s more to bovine than just beef.  The cow is a magically delicious animal laden with precious bits and pieces that shouldn’t go to waste. I’m talking about the waste parts that usually don’t make it to local American supermarkets, such as brains, internal organs, feet, and other entrails.  Offal, also known as disposed animal parts to [...]

  • iPhone 4 Food Porn Photos

    iPhone 4 Food Porn Photos

    Let’s face it, the cameras on the last generation iPhones are rather unsatisfactory.  With the camera on the new iPhone 4 being touted as a vast improvement over the previous generation’s, would it be robust enough for taking casual food porn photos?  Let’s find out. I dined out at quite a few places for the last few days and I tried to capture as many pictures as I could without being utterly offensive towards my dining companions.  All pictures have not been retouched and flash [...]

  • Part Sushi, Part Sashimi, All Chirashi

    Part Sushi, Part Sashimi, All Chirashi

    I don’t know what the infatuation with fancy sushi rolls is, but I was never a fan.  Sure, the occasional Dragon Roll, Volcano Roll, Caterpillar Roll, or whatever roll is ok to eat from time to time, it’s just that I never found them to be authentically Japanese.  That being said, I’m more or a sushi and sashimi man.  However, those two take a back seat to my favorite Japanese dish, Chirashi.  To me, it’s part sushi, part sashimi, and all deliciousness.  To describe it [...]