• Food News Roundup

    Food News Roundup

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted interesting food news from around the Web, so here goes: Instant Ramen is No Good For You. Really?  I could’ve told you that. Cobra Burgers in Indonesia. Does this count as a gourmet burger? Bats Can Fly Drunk. Time to reallocate those research funds. New Orleans Top Chef Sues BP. This is just the beginning… Chinese Students Set World Coke Fountain Record. I thought this whole Mentos and Coke thing blew over already. Are You Meeting Daily Salt [...]

  • The Weekly Food News Roundup

    The Weekly Food News Roundup

    Korean restaurant’s live Octopus dish has animal rights activists squirming – It’s like having a party inside of your mouth. Tom Colicchio is named 2010 top chef – I knew this guy was good, but to be named top chef? He must be really good!  Might be time to try out this Craft establishments. These 5 foods aren’t as healthy as you would think – Looks can be deceiving. White Castle Candles – Not only will your bowels reek of sliders, but so can your [...]

  • The Weekly Food News Round Up

    The Weekly Food News Round Up

    Pizza man’s car stolen, but he keeps on delivering – Way to put the customer first. KFC’s Pink Bucket Campaign Sparks Outrage – Fight breast cancer, promote fried foods. Get the facts about sugar – Sugar is evil…and delicious. Oil Leak from Sunken Oil Rig Threatens Gulf Coast Seafood – Save the oysters and shrimp! Rotten Shark That’s Fit for Consumption – Remember to hold your breath. Detroit’s Struggling Restaurant Scene – Even the strong are having troubles keeping up with the times. Burger King [...]