• Sushi Salvation Near LAX

    Sushi Salvation Near LAX

    My business trips to Los Angeles are rather limited in mobility.  In fact, my meetings are located within LAX, so as you can see, I am rather far from where the action is.  One of my favorite foods to eat in LA is Japanese cuisine.  With Sushi Gen and Sushi Komasa being two of my favorites within the city, it would take me over an hour and multiple hops to different rail lines just to get downtown.  In fact that is exactly what I did [...]

  • Don’t Forget About Hamachi Kama

    Don’t Forget About Hamachi Kama

    Hamachi, or yellowtail, is a popular cut of fish in the realm of sushi.  While the meat from the body of the fish is most familiar to sushi lovers, there’s a part of the fish that doesn’t get much fanfare and often goes unnoticed.  My friend’s Japanese father-in-law told him it’s the most underrated part of the fish.  Odds are, you’ve probably seen it listed as an appetizer on the menu, but are unsure of what to make of it. That part would be the [...]

  • Flamin’ Sushi Roll

    Flamin’ Sushi Roll

    The Nikko Roll at Nikko Sushi in the suburbs outside of Chicago has got to be one of the most unique when it comes to food presentation.  The roll itself isn’t really anything special (shrimp tempura, tuna, Sriracha sauce, mayo), but it’s different in how it’s served…in a bed of flames.  Prior to being served, the sushi chef fills the plate with a splash of brandy and sets it ablaze.  The heat from the flames doesn’t burn the roll, but it does give the outer [...]

  • Macku Sushi Review

    Macku Sushi Review

    Macku Sushi Good Japanese is hard to find, and great Japanese is even harder to find.  On rare occasions, one happens to come across a gem amongst lackluster pickings.  My sushi and sashimi experience at Macku didn’t  just focus on taste, but also the eye candy that accompanied each plate.  The establishment’s signature sashimi selections are worth the visit alone, but there are other choices on the menu that stand out as well. The fish is fresh, no doubt about that, and the signature dishes [...]

  • Missing the NYC Late Night Eats

    Missing the NYC Late Night Eats

    Moving from Northern New Jersey to Downtown Chicago five months ago was probably the biggest decision I’ve made so far in my life.   One of the things I left behind and miss was living close to New York City.   Chicago can hold it’s own, and I love this town, but New York City seems to surround  people in a certain aura of sorts.  I can’t describe it, but I definitely don’t feel it here in the Mid West.  I had the opportunity go back to [...]