• Don’t Call Me A Foodie

    Don’t Call Me A Foodie

    When someone calls me a foodie, I take offense.  My face may not show it, but deep inside I’m suppressing the urge to tell the person that I’m not a foodie, not even close. Yet, here I am, with my own blog about food and cooking.  Surely, only a foodie would do something like have his own food blog.  Well, I don’t consider myself a foodie, because I’m not. My definition of a foodie is someone who has deep knowledge of the food scene and [...]

  • Maybe I Don’t Need So Many Knives After All

    Maybe I Don’t Need So Many Knives After All

    Sure, having a set of high-quality knives showcasing on the kitchen counter top looks great, but how many knives actually get used?  After purchasing a Ken Onion Shun 9 piece set late last year, I was sure I was going to put some mileage on the knives.  Six months later, most of the knives are more fit for display than use.  So in hindsight…maybe that impulse purchase was a really bad idea.  Of all the knives in the set, I use the 6-inch Chef’s Knife [...]